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Welcome to our world;
The world of TWA Flight Attendants!

As you start to look around, you will notice that this is very much a work in progress.  The website is like a newly planted garden.  The design allows us to grow and tell more of our story from the perspective of many members.

Trans World Airlines has now flown west, into the archives of aviation history.  The success of TWA is a credit to wonderful, dedicated employees. Harris M. Hanshue, First President, Jack Frye, Charles Lindberg, and Howard Hughes, gave TWA the foundation on which to build.  Those remarkable men and their flying machines; their vision stayed with TWA to the very end.

Flight Attendants provided a friendly yet professional touch, welcoming passengers into the world of flying.We hope your first visit here will not be your last.  Our TWA Flight Attendant history is a much-diversified story. Our goal is to keep the grand name of TWA alive. We are going to share the entire story about TWA Flight Attendants.  Beginning with 1935, the first all female training class, to July 1, 2003, the last day TWA Flight Attendant's graced the world of flying.

No other group of Flight Attendants has shared a more diversified career, despite the odds, we still hold on to the dream that someday we will once again fly. 

Welcome Aboard!

The TWA Flight Attendants